Race Participation

  1. Teams may consist of 2 or 3 members. Each must be registered and have signed a waiver.
  2. Racers that are not a resident of Canada or do not have Provincial health care coverage will be required to show proof of sufficient health insurance before starting the race.
  3. Teams must travel through each Checkpoint and Transition area in the order outlined in the Race Package unless otherwise specified.
  4. Teams may not use any maps other than those provided.
  5. All racers on a team must start the race, pass all checkpoints and transition areas, and finish together.
  6. Each team will be issued a Passport, which is for use at unmanned Checkpoints only. Upon arrival at an Unmanned Checkpoint, the team will punch or mark the Passport as per the instructions given in the racer package. You do not need to punch your Passport at manned checkpoints.
  7. The Passport must be carried by a member of the team at all times. In the event a team cannot produce its passport at any Checkpoint or Transition area, or the race Finish, that team may be disqualified or penalized at the discretion of the Race Director(s). The passport must be produced for inspection at the Race Finish. If it is determined that the passport fails to contain the required authentication from each Checkpoint, or is damaged in such a way that renders the passport illegible, that team may be disqualified or penalized at the discretion of the Race Director.
  8. Teams cannot accept outside assistance except in Transition Areas or locations designated by race administration. Teams receiving assistance outside of designated areas may be disqualified. Note that teams are allowed to accept medical assistance from the Medical Crew or other race teams without penalty at any time.
  9. Any team missing a Mandatory Checkpoint or Transition Area will be disqualified.
  10. Any team that continues racing over the 9-hour time limit will be unranked.
  11. The Race Director(s) or a Medical Advisor may remove a racer from the course if they are deemed physically or mentally unfit to continue (ie: the racer is injured or delirious).

    Teams shall not race in a reckless or irresponsible manner that may endanger any other person, or property. Teams must leave all areas in which they race as they found them; teams must not intentionally or recklessly cause environmental disruption to any area during the race or any form of environmental degradation is not tolerated and will result in disqualification.

  12. Teams must travel within 100m or be within visual contact with all of their teammates at all times, whichever is the lesser of the two.
  13. Teams must render assistance to other teams or individuals in need. Teams ignoring an emergency will be disqualified.
  14. Washroom facilities may not be available at all transition areas. Teams must be prepared to appropriately dispose of human waste if required on the course.
    (Dig a cat-hole and cover it after. Carry TP. Do not foul waterways.)
  15. Race Director(s) may alter the course as necessary due to weather, animal, environmental or other hazards that develop.
  16. Racers are solely responsible for the cost of ambulance or air evacuation if required.
    Racers must always follow the directions given by the Race Administration. Not doing so will result in a time penalty or disqualification at the discretion of the Race Director(s).
    Teams must follow the given mode of travel and perform every discipline as outlined in the Race Package or they will be disqualified or penalized at the discretion of the Race Director(s). For example, if there is a rope crossing listed in the Racer Package, teams must perform the rope crossing or accept the penalty. If the Racer Package states you are to hike between to points, you cannot use your bikes.


  1. Each race participant (or team where applicable) must carry with them at all times during the DSC_5802race the mandatory equipment as outlined in the Equipment List document.
  2. Racers may be randomly checked at any time to ensure they are carrying the mandatory equipment.
    Teams not in possession of mandatory equipment at any time during the race may be disqualified,penalized or may not be allowed to continue until they can produce the missing equipment.


  1. Two-way radios and cell phones are for emergency use only during the race. Teams breaking radio silence in the absence of a medical emergency or potential hazard to racers will be disqualified.


  1. 20 point penalty per item, per racer for missing mandatory gear.
  2. 15 point penalty for travelling more than 100 m from team mates, more if repeat offenders!